I am so excited to be starting my new post as Technology Staff Developer and really looking forward to all that we may be able to accomplish with my 7th grade students as we try to guide them toward building real world companies in our Flex schedule.  What drives me these days is the fact that there are so many opportunities on the internet to capitalize on a good idea.   A perferct example of this simple idea making millions is a company called Grub With Us.  This company has three simple steps:  1. Browse-Find people to eat with and/or places to eat at,

2. Reserve-Reserve a seat through our hassle-free payment system.and
3. Socialize -You already paid, so just show up, eat and socialize!

It isn't anything more than Match.com meets Facebook  in a restaurant.  Now they have 1.6 million in investments.  

The beauty of where we are in this prescient internet age is that a good idea posted on the web can still have tremendous value.

Take a look at the real world innovation in the video above that literally just mixes three ingredients to change people's lives forever.  Creativity, ingenuity, and surpirse will always light our way as a society.  I hope that we can foster changes that will help our future generations.

We are teaching and inspiring students who are going to shape the world ahead of us in so many ways.  I can only imagine what they will contribute and I am so happy that all teachers have the ability to plant the tiniest seed that could grow into monumental change in the bllink of an eye.

Can't wait for it all to unfold.



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